Some Samples of Jivan Amara's Work

I'm an experienced full stack web developer with significant experience in system design, configuration, and administration on small effective teams. My current main project will be completed in March, making me available April 1st.

I'm interested in small to medium-sized projects where I can contribute across the areas of coding, data analysis, custom data presentation, system architecture, database design, and linux system administration

I like to team up with small groups of creative problem-solvers who are interested in the quality of their work and helping each other improve their game while remembering to keep a healthy work-life balance.

For details of my skills and experience, please take a look at my Resume / CV.

Below there are some samples of my work. For most you can click on the image for further details.

Unregistered Django Users

Forcing visitors to register on your Django site is a good way to turn traffic away, but many devs do exactly that to ensure they have confirmed email addresses.


is a pypi package I wrote to provide drop-in replacements for Django's standard email sending services, ensuring that users confirm their address before it begins sending any messages to them; no registration required.

Back-End Power

La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology had a basic system for providing protein binding predictions, but couldn't perform the number of predictions they wanted for their slowest methods in a reasonable time. To really help move research in the area to the next level, a dramatic speed-up was needed.

Got Cloud?

VisionTree had unique business requirements excluding the possibility of a Cloud Service provider. I put together a small cloud system to provide High-Availability using open-source tools. The system essentially provides PostgreSQL and Apache hot standbys with transparent and automatic failover.

Unusual Automation

When the HR consultants at Reya wanted to provide candidate feedback to large organizations I worked closely with them to recognize the patterns they see in surveys and automatically generate the summary in simple language.

Cooperation & Style

Working closely with Reya's talented designers, I was able to transform bulk survey data into automatically-generated extremely attractive reports.

System Automation

Dealing with complex systems can be...well, complex. Making use of established tools (fabric here) complex processes were simplified to the point that junior developers at Delivery Hero China are now able to perform them by following simple steps.

Business Value & Team Support

Delivery Hero China's system could originally only set a distance from a restaurant to deliver within. I added an effective system which uses arbitrary polygon-based delivery areas and an easy-to-use web-based editor to create & modify them. This eliminated substantial numbers of orders that had to be cancelled because they were out of range, making customers, restaurants, and our customer support team all much happier. The simple web interface I developed is shown here with the previous radius-based delivery range.